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Are you stuck trying to get your course out of your head and into the world?

  • Looking for a proven, simple path to launching your first (or next) course without tech headaches?
  • Want to take your business to the next level so you can quit your full-time job or kick your lifestyle up a notch?
  • Ready to stop dreaming about your course and actually put it out and start making an impact?

If you’ve tried to DIY it before, you know how easy it is to get stuck in the tech and lose focus. We’ll show you how to keep going.


“All I did was follow the system and I 10X'd my business. The value was extraordinary. The detailed how-tos, instructions and templates supplied a wealth of knowledge.”

The Course Launch Challenge

Everything you need to fast track your course and go from IDEA to LAUNCH in just a few weeks!

  • Crush the mental blocks that keep most people from actually launching a course
  • Get the foolproof system you need to design a course that people actually want (and will buy!)
  • Daily training on everything you need to know (including the tech!) to launch and sell your course
  • How to answer the BIGGEST question on your customer’s mind and create an offer she can’t resist
  • Easy steps you can take to sell more courses without it taking over your whole life

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If you’re tired of dreaming about your course or getting stuck in half way through building it – save yourself the stress and frustration of doing it all alone. 

An ONLINE COURSE is the single greatest way to have an impact on the world and radically transform your INCOME and your FREEDOM.

So why is getting it launched So. Dang. Hard?

As a coach, mentor, practitioner, speaker or ANY kind of expert, ideas are not the problem.

You’ve got ideas for days.

But if you’ve ever tried to create a course before, you know what happens. As soon as you get started the path to launch becomes a muddy, tangled mess

  • You know people need your help, but you’re afraid no one will buy it. Imposter syndrome kicks in and drains your motivation.
  • You get lost in the tech. Recording videos, building the outline, automating the emails. Next thing you know you have 17 software subscriptions, but still no course.
  • You want to deliver a professional product, but you worry that you’re missing the secret sauce to courses that sell and impact lives.

We get it! We’ve been there. Calvin, Damon and Stephen (your fearless challenge leaders) launched their first courses with no list and plenty of doubts. 

Pretty much every coach we talk to describes the stress of creating content, hitting mental roadblocks, and struggling with the programs needed to sell and deliver an online course. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, we built Simplero to make creating and launching a course ridiculously easy. So easy, that we’ve helped 2,000+ coaches make over $150 Million. 

Yet, still, we noticed that some of our customers struggle to get their first course out into the world. 

That’s why we put this challenge together. 

In just 21 SHORT DAYS, we can take you from IDEA TO LAUNCH. From dreaming about it, to making your first sale.

Joining the Course Launch Challenge means you will:

  • Save time with a proven step-by-step course-launch plan
  • Avoid the frustrations and delays of learning new software and dealing with finicky tech
  • Confidently put together a course that people will actually buy
  • Use templates and emails that will save you MONTHS of work.
  • Crush the mental blocks that hold you back from making your impact

You’ve got a successful course

living inside you. 

Don’t wait another week, day or minute to get it out into the world.


Join now for only $97

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If you answered YES to any of those questions, then Join the Course Launch Challenge. In just 21 days you’ll have what you need to grow a business that gives you time and freedom to live life on your own terms.

Join now for only $97


What’s inside the challenge?

What’s inside the challenge?

Pump Yourself Up

Wrangle the voices, doubts and fears holding you back. Learn how to identify and defeat the #1 enemy to launching your course.

Week 1: Plan It

Learn the proven formula to creating a course people actually want and will really buy. Discover the secrets to pricing your course and reaching your target audience.

Week 2: Prep It

Use the proven Simplero templates and systems to shortcut months of work. Learn how to craft an irresistible offer and tap into the most overlooked and profitable lead source.

Week 3: Launch It

Our simple, time-tested checklist will create a smooth (and transformative!) experience for your customers. Confidently open your cart and get your first sales.

  • Daily training and step-by-step guides $497 VALUE
  • Course launch checklists $97 VALUE
  • Course creation outline $97 VALUE
  • Daily coaching calls and Q&A $4500 VALUE
  • Challenge Facebook group and support $97 VALUE
  • FREE access to Simplero for the length of the challenge* $149 VALUE
  • Exclusive post-challenge deals and offers $$$$?!

Total Value: $5,437+

Get it all for ONLY $97

*new customers only


I feel like I’ve been making stuff up on my own until going through your training. Now I finally understand automations, launched 2 more courses in record time and I’m launching a 3rd now. This course has been invaluable and absolutely propelled my business forward.”

If you want to get your ideas out into the world... 

If you want to make good money while helping others... Then your next step is simple…


Join now for only $97

Are you ready to FINALLY launch your course?

Calvin Correli
Founder and CEO of Simplero

Calvin launched his first course without any email list or paid ads.

Fast forward to now, and he’s worked with thousands of course creators who’ve generated more than $150 million in revenue.

Calvin believes that entrepreneurship is more than just owning a business. It’s about creating a life and legacy.

With this vision at the ready, Calvin will teach the skills you need to launch your first course so you can grow and scale your business and make a big impact on the world.

DamonTransparent 2

Damon Wilson
Head of Customer Success

Damon is the mastermind behind several online courses with over $76,000 in sales. He uses this expertise to support the success of the amazing Simplero coaches and course creators.

He eats, breathes and sleeps the online course world, staying on top of what works to build, launch and sell courses online.

Damon believes everyone has a course inside them and he knows that launching it is the fastest way to creating the freedom to live life on your own terms.


“This course has been worth it many times over. Going into it I was stressed about how I was going to handle all the details and technology. Now, I’ll be launching my course with peace of mind. You guys are the bomb!”

How is this challenge different?

Mindset + Training + Easy Software = Success!

(more money & more impact!)

You don’t need another cheerleader in your business. You need:

  • The exact steps to get you from idea to launch
  • The confidence that you’re doing it right
  • The accountability to keep going
  • The software that eliminates tech headaches

We go deeper than any course challenge and training to show you EXACTLY how to :

  • Finally launch the course you’ve been mulling over for years

  • Commit so deeply that nothing (like fear or doubt) can crack your resolve

  • Overcome the 7 mental blocks that stop most course creators in their tracks

  • Create an offer so irresistible your ideal client won’t be able to say no

  • Structure your course to give your clients the results they need

  • Manage the tactical details of how to actually get it done

  • Use the Simplero automation to sell more of your course with less effort

Simplero makes the tech easy. The challenge shows you how.

For ONLY $97, the Course Launch Challenge gives you the know-how AND the tools to finally launch and sell your course.

Yes! I Want To Launch My Course!
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Things to Know Before You

Join the Challenge

Launching a course does take some effort. We’re going to make launching and selling your course as easy as possible.

But, if you are going to check in on Day 1, half-heartedly fiddle with the first few action items and never show up for the weekly Q& your $100.


  • If you can spare just 1 hour a day for this challenge...
  • If daily emails and action items will keep you focused...
  • If you know you can do this, you just want to make sure you’re doing it right...
  • If working alongside 100s of other like-minded course creators is what you need...
  • If you’re tired of dreaming about a course launch and actually want to do it...

...then we invite you to accept the Course Launch Challenge and finally launch and sell your course so you can help people, and make money doing it!

Hurry! Doors close on this challenge July 26th. Join now and get the mindset pre-work in time.

Is there a Guarantee?

We know that if you put in the effort, you’ll exit this challenge with:

A course your ideal client will be dying to buy
Everything set up so you can start making sales
The ability to make more money while helping more people

But, if for some reason the challenge isn’t delivering for you, let us know before the challenge ends. We’ll give you a full refund.

Getting signed up is easy:

Join the Challenge

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Don’t keep this a secret; help others get great results!

Get Ready

We move fast. Look for the mindset work coming your way VERY soon.

P.S. Did you skip to the bottom??? Yeah, we sometimes skim sales pages too. So here’s the 411 on what you missed.

Most coaches, speakers and experts want to make a course, but never actually launch it. In the Course Launch Challenge, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to launch and sell your first (or next!) course with confidence.


Help people AND make money without the stress. Take your first step today.

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